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Quick Guides
Quick Guides are brief tip sheets outlining the basics of using a piece of software or hardware. The are meant to serve as a reminder to those who are learning the technology, not as a substitute for professional development or assistance from your Instructional Technology Specialist.

The Quick Guides are in PDF format and can be opened using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software.

There are Quick Guides for each of the following categories.

Computer Basics
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Windows Basics Fundamentals of using a Windows PC.

Macintosh Basics Fundamentals of using the Macintosh (for Macs running OS X). See also Ken Bogcaz's OS X Intro.

OS X Intro Handout from Ken Bogcaz's introductory workshop on the current operating system for the Macintosh.

Macintosh Accessibility Features. How to make settings to improve access for students with disabilities: magnifying the screen, having the computer speak text, others.

Transferring Documents Between PCs and Macs. Considerations for transferring Word, Excel, and AppleWorks files between Windows PCs and Macintoshes.

Internet and Email
iWeb 08. Intuitive and easy-to-use web page builder.
For other guides to using email and creating web pages, see our FirstClass Documents page. The guides are in PDF format.

Productivity (Office & Filemaker)
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Excel Basics Spreadsheet basics in Excel.

Excel Functions. Using functions in the Excel spreadsheet.

Excel: Graphing Data. Generating graphs of data in Excel.

Filemaker Pro: Searching and Sorting. How to perform the two basic database functions.
PowerPoint. Fundamentals of using the standard presentation program.

PowerPoint: Adding Photos, Video, and Narration. How to add multimedia elements to a PowerPoint presentation.
Word Basics Basics of word processing in Microsoft Word.

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GarageBand: Add Sound to a Movie. Guide to using GarageBand to add narration, music, or other sound to a video clip.  
iDVD. Quick Guide to burning photos and video onto a DVD disk.

iMovie HD Quick Guide. Basice of using iMove to organize and edit video.
iPhoto.  Guide to using this tool for organizing and performing simple edits on photos and other images.
iPhoto: Importing Photographs. How to import digital images from a camera or disk into iPhoto.
iPhoto: Making a Slideshow Movie. How to create a movie out of a iPhoto slideshow.
Podcasting with GarageBand. How to create a podcast using GarageBand.

Educational Software
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AppleWorks Database Searching and Sorting Guide to searching and sorting with a database that has already been created.
Inspiration. Quick guide to the fundamentals of this interactive graphic organizer used in intermediate elementary grades, middle school, and high school.

KidPix. Quick guide of this graphics and presentation program used in the primary grades.

Mapmaker's Toolkit. Guide to the easy-to-use software that allows students and teachers to customize and print current and historical maps.

Proscope. Using the Proscope handheld microscope.

TimeLiner. Quick guide to this timeline creation tool used in intermediate elementary grades, middle school, and high school. See also the Advanced Guide to Timeliner.

Timeliner: Advanced Guide. Covers many of the advanced features of TimeLiner 5.0.

WeatherNet. Information for teachers on accessing current and past data from the WPS and other school weather stations, lesson plans, and other resources.