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School Choice

School Choice is a state program, which allows Massachusetts school districts to accept students from other Massachusetts towns. This is an optional program as not all towns participate.

Although Westford participates in School Choice, the Westford School Committee determines, on an annual basis, openings for the upcoming school year. This determination is made in May after the Superintendent of Schools reviews current and projected enrollment figures and class sizes and presents a recommendation to the School Committee.

If the School Committee votes to accept School Choice students for the following year, an advertisement is placed in the Lowell Sun and in all surrounding towns' local newspapers, as well as our website, with a deadline date for applying.  School Choice students are chosen on a lottery basis.  Applications are only available after the School Committee determines that openings will be available for the upcoming year.  


Westford Public Schools will not be participating in the School Choice Program for the 2014-2015 academic year.  Upon the recommendation of Superintendent Bill Olsen, the School Committee voted to approve this decision May 19, 2014.

Thank you,

Everett V. Olsen, Jr.
Superintendent of Schools

For more information contact Nina Mangan  (978-692-5560 extension 2102).

Information for enrolling students who are Westford residents can be found on our Registration page.

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