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Course Approval Process for Teachers
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By contract, only “graduate courses at accredited colleges and universities which receive prior approval by the Superintendent or his/her designee and University of Westford courses may be used for transfer from the Masters to the Masters +30 column or for course reimbursement” (Unit A Contract, Pages 27 & 28).

Please note that even if you are not asking for reimbursement, but would like to use the course for column transfer, you must receive prior approval. Completing the necessary paperwork will facilitate the column transfer process, as the Superintendent’s Office will be looking for these approval sheets for each course you have taken.

If you are seeking approval of an online course, see our Approval of Online Courses page.

Click here to download the Application of a Course of Professional Study or approval for a Conference.

Sequence of the approval process:

1. Principal approves or disapproves the course.
If principal disapproves, he or she will have a conversation with the teacher regarding the reason for disapproval
If the principal approves, the form is forwarded to the Director of Curriculum and Instruction for review

2.  The Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction either approves or disapproves the course.
If the Director of Curriculum and Instruction disapproves, he/she will give reason for disapproval and is available to discuss the reasons with the teacher
If the Director of Curriculum and Instruction approves the course, the Curriculum Office keeps the original and returns 2 copies to the school (1 for the principal and 1 for the requesting teacher)

3. Upon completion of the course, the teacher must provide an official grade report to the Curriculum Office for final sign off. Additionally, if reimbursement has been requested, the teacher must provide proof of payment for the course.

4. A finalized copy of the course approval form will be returned to the teacher with all the requisite signatures for their own files.