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The Consultative Model
In the consultative model the Library Teacher and Classroom or Subject Teacher work together to co-plan, co-teach, and co-assess the instructional sequence.

The pattern of this work generally follows four steps:

- Identify the unit of instruction to be planned
- Teacher and Library Teacher meet to determine the subject and information


- Library Teacher locates various instructional materials
- Teacher and Library Teacher gather ideas for student centered activities, skills, and effective use of materials
- Teacher and Library Teacher meet again to finalize content, materials, ideas, and responsibilities


- Teacher and Library Teacher jointly introduce unit
- Teacher and Library Teacher carry out activities: some in the classroom and some in the Library Media Center


- Teacher and Library Teacher evaluate the unit: objectives, content, materials, activities
- Student input is included in the evaluation
- Student output is assessed: project, presentation, report, test, etc
- Recommendations for future planning, materials, etc

Source: Buffie Diercks, Collaboration Guidelines (1999).